Tournament Process

When you sign up for the Columbus, Ohio Senior Amateur Tour, we will place you into a flight based on your current USGA Index or by making a determination based on your average scores. During the tournaments, you will compete against other players from your flight in a true stoke play event. You will compete for VISA Gifts Cards and also an etched crystal trophy for the 1st place winner in each flight. 

Prize Pay-Outs are based on the amount of players in the field. A Prize Fee is already in your Tournament Entry. 

We also have optional cash games at each event. These include Skins Games based on Flight, Super Skins which includes all flights together and CTPs. 

Tournament Day Money Games Per Round at Check In Per Players
Tournament Skins Game (within each flight): You compete to make the best single score on a hole in this game.  All ties cancel.  You are only wagering with players in your flight who enter the game.  $10.00
Tournament SUPER SKINS Game (all flights contribute to a single purse)  In this game, you compete to make the best single score on a hole.  All ties cancel.  You are wagering with players from all flights who enter the contest. $15.00
Flight Closest to the Pin: Close to the pin will be on two par 3’s, one on front and back and are worth $50 each Included in entry fee
50/50 Raffle: At each event, we do a 50/50 raffle to give players a chance to win cash.  $5.00

Then, based on what place you took in that tournament, you will be awarded season points no matter what place you finished for the event.  The Season Long Points Winner for each flight will be awarded a special trophy and a VISA GIFT CARD.

Listed below are the flight assignments... 

  • Championship Flight: 0 to 3.9 Handicap
  • A Flight: 4.0 to 8.9 Handicap
  • B Flight: 9.0 to 13.9 Handicap
  • C Flight: 14.0 to 18.9 Handicap
  • D Flight: 19.0 and Higher Handicap

Sign in at tournaments with either the Tour Director or at the sign-in table. We require that you check in at least 30 minutes before the Tee Time and Shotgun starts. Failure to do so may result in a 2 stroke penalty. 

The AGT local Tour Director will provide the official scorecard and offer entrance to the skins pool at the Check-In Table.
Check the official scorecard to verify that your flight is correct. Since flights are assigned via handicaps, we must have your handicap on file correctly.

Next, find your cart with your name on the cart card and stow your gear. Allow sufficient time to perform your normal warm-up routine.
For shotgun starts, your tee time is the time you must be in your cart in the marshaling area to hear the local course brief before driving to your starting hole.

All flights will be from a set of tees customized at each tournament. The following guidelines will be used for determining length:
Championship Flight will play at 6000 to 6200 yards.
“A” Flight will play at 
6000 to 6200 yards.
“B” flight will play at 5800-6000 yards.
“C” flight will play at 
5800-6000 yards.
“D” flight will play at 5800-6000 yards.

Women will play from a tee box of the closest comparable slope rating to that of the men in the same flight. In the absence of a suitable tee box the local tour director will choose or designate a tee box or tee box combination the equivalent of 85-90% of the men's distance in the same flight.

Note: These also will be the typical yardages that will be used for the National Tour Championship

ON THE FIRST TEE - For all events, you will be provided an official score card/cards. As soon as you get it, BEFORE players tee off, check your scorecard to verify all the player information is correct. In the event that a piece of information is incorrect, clear it up with the Tour Director.
If he is not immediately available, please advise your group and mark the problem on the scorecard so that adjustments can be made at the turn or at the end of the round (before you sign your card).

Do not delay play to fix information that does not affect the conduct of your round (e.g. an incorrect handicap or wrong tee box is not a reason to hold up play if your group knows the correct tee box for your flight. However, information you cannot resolve that would cause you to play from the wrong tee box needs to be fixed before you start.)

>Exchange scorecards within your group. Each player’s score is kept by another player or official “marker” who must record the players’ hole-by-hole scores on the player’s line, and for reference may keep his own unofficial score at the bottom or far side of the card (you may also keep a separate unofficial scorecard for reference). Whenever possible, you should not be the marker for the player who is your marker; and should not be the marker for your cart-mate.

>The Director or starter will provide local course rules. Local rules take precedence over tour or USGA rules. 

> Each player should identify his ball with a distinctive marking and show it to his playing partners. You must be able to positively identify that the ball you found is not one of the same brand and number that was lost by another player. If you cannot positively identify the ball as yours, then USGA rules deem your ball to be lost.
> Players may have a maximum of 14 clubs.

Posted: 1/1/2023 7:43:32 PM