Senior Augusta Amateur Golf Tour

Membership and Course Information

The Memberships will open on 11/26.  


11/26/2021 - 01/31/2022

The cost will be $100 for the senior tour or $180 for a combo membership (Golfweek and Senior Tour).  The two tours are stand alone and require a separate membership for both.

A preview of some of the courses we are scheduling to play is posted below.  This is not finalized and there may be changes.

I look forward to meeting everyone and a great season.

Note:  When Joining the Tour.  Make sure you select the Agree button before hitting the submit on the registration form.  As well as Payment for the Membership is paid under the Pay by Credit Card.  There you will see the options what is avaialble.

To register for Tournaments posted on the Schedule.  Select Register, complete form and submit.  Payment for that Tournament is under the Pay by Credit Card section on the Left as well.