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Total Spots Total Playing Openings Left
120 105 15

Flight Playing
Champ 21
A 32
B 30
C 21

Who's Playing
Player Flight Home Tour
Anthony, Dan  Champ  Central Carolina 
Barton, Lee  Champ  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington 
Brady, Dennis  Champ  Orlando 
Conner, Rick  Champ  Southeast VA 
Cristina, Doug  Champ  Louisiana 
Crowe, Nick  Champ  Southeast VA 
DeJean, Kyle  Champ  Louisiana 
East, John  Champ  Central Carolina 
Falgout, Craig  Champ  Louisiana 
Gentry, Mike  Champ  Charlotte 
Glock, Larry  Champ  North Central Florida 
Griffin , Larry  Champ  Charlotte 
Hamilton, James  Champ  Louisiana 
Healey, Michael  Champ  Tour Championship 
Hill, Chris   Champ  Kentucky 
Hodges, Mark  Champ  Charlotte 
Knight, Keith  Champ  Charlotte 
McCormac, Dennis  Champ  Charlotte 
Sennett, Jerry  Champ  Charlotte 
Sturdivant, Craig  Champ  Central Carolina 
Wheaton, Ben  Champ  Central Carolina 
Anderson, Miles   North Central Florida 
Averyhart, Darryl  Charlotte 
Bain, Kenny  Nashville 
Bell, Gary  Charlotte 
Boren, Don  Louisiana 
Bradley, Les  Louisiana 
Cobb, Paul  Louisiana 
Collier, Rick  Tour Championship 
Conklin, Doug  North Central Florida 
Conn, Wiley  Louisiana 
Dail, Bob  Central Carolina 
Drake, Glen  Michigan 
Drewry, Jerry  Nashville 
Dunivant, Donald  Orlando 
Edwards, Jerry  Kentucky 
Foster, William  North Central Florida 
Ide, Scott  Charlotte 
Jones, Glenn  Louisiana 
Levy, David  Louisiana 
Manuel, Don  Tour Championship 
McCoy, Greg  Charlotte 
Moses, Greg  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington 
O'Quin, Jerry  Louisiana 
Robinson, Robbie  Tampa-Sarasota 
Savoie, Butch  Louisiana 
Smith, Chuck  Central Carolina 
Soulliere, Todd  Michigan 
Toloso, Mark  Louisiana 
VanGeersdaelen, Phil  Charlotte 
Vece, David  North Central Florida 
Whitener, Danny  Jacksonville FL 
Williams, Johnny  Louisiana 
Bleau, Neil  Central Carolina 
Cahanin, Lee  Louisiana 
Clark, Dennis  Louisiana 
Coleman, Carlton  Augusta 
Demmel, Phil  Louisiana 
Duet, Rick  Louisiana 
Fitzpatrick , Rod  North Central Florida 
Gaston , Randall   Charlotte 
Graham, John  Louisiana 
Grenell, Tom  Southeast VA 
Griffin, Freddie  Louisiana 
Hagwood, Darrell  Central Carolina 
Hennessy, Donald  North Central Florida 
Khan, Amin  North Central Florida 
Klenck, Mark  Orlando 
Knarr, Bill  Southeast VA 
Kuehl, Dick  Central Carolina 
LaMorte, Ron  Charlotte 
Maitland, Larry  Southeast VA 
Martin, Chip  Louisiana 
McPherson, James  Central Carolina 
Parker, Darold  Louisiana 
Pringle, Richard  Michigan 
Risbourg, Bobby  Louisiana 
Saliba, Frank  Chicago 
Schoening, Jimmy  North Central Florida 
Warren, Patrick  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington 
White, Doug  Louisiana 
Young, Marty  Central Carolina 
Zuehlke, John  North Central Florida 
Bennett, Michael  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington 
Boone, Bucky  Louisiana 
Craighead, Jim  Nashville 
Custer, Jeff  Southeast VA 
Davis, David  Central Carolina 
Dolan, Pat  Charlotte 
Dunn, Steve  Columbus, OH 
Harris, Joe  Orlando 
Hawkins, Glen  Indiana-Western KY 
Henley, Curtis  Southeast VA 
Holly, Rick  Columbus, OH 
Hoover, Ronald  North Central Florida 
Inglot, Chris  Chicago 
Johnson, Darrell  Chicago 
Mines, Charles  Charlotte 
Robinson, Phil  Augusta 
Schmitt, Mike  Chicago 
Shockley, Tom  Louisiana 
Smith, Smitty  Southeast VA 
Snider, Chuck  Charlotte 
Wittersheim, Jim  Charlotte 



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