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Total Spots Total Playing Openings Left
120 105 15

Flight Playing
Champ 18
A 35
B 31
C 21

Who's Playing
ID Player Flight Home Tour Paid
10731 Anthony, Dan  Champ  Central Carolina  Yes
12496 Barton, Lee  Champ  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes
7897 Brady, Dennis  Champ  Orlando  Yes
12544 Crowe, Nick  Champ  Southeast VA  Yes
7888 DeJean, Kyle  Champ  Louisiana  Yes
7623 East, John  Champ  Central Carolina  Yes
12220 Falgout, Craig  Champ  Louisiana  Yes
10568 Gentry, Mike  Champ  Charlotte  Yes
11350 Gillan, Jamy  Champ  Michigan  No
12212 Griffin, Larry  Champ  Charlotte  Yes
10040 Hamilton, James  Champ  Louisiana  Yes
11854 Healey, Michael  Champ  Tour Championship  Yes
12572 Hill, Chris   Champ  Kentucky  Yes
11473 Hodges, Mark  Champ  Charlotte  Yes
12151 Knight, Keith  Champ  Charlotte  Yes
2 McCormac, Dennis  Champ  Charlotte  Yes
7461 Sennett, Jerry  Champ  Charlotte  Yes
9010 Sturdivant, Craig  Champ  Central Carolina  Yes
7705 Averyhart, Darryl  Charlotte  Yes
11542 Bain, Kenny  Nashville  Yes
9538 Bell, Gary  Charlotte  Yes
11073 Boren, Don  Louisiana  Yes
10894 Bradley, Les  Louisiana  Yes
11674 Cobb, Paul  Louisiana  Yes
12176 Collier, Rick  Tour Championship  Yes
11792 Conklin, Doug  North Central Florida  Yes
12108 Conn, Wiley  Louisiana  Yes
12399 Conner, Rick  Southeast VA  Yes
12357 Cristina, Doug  Louisiana  Yes
9959 Dail, Bob  Central Carolina  Yes
12439 Drake, Glen  Michigan  Yes
10493 Dunivant, Donald  Orlando  Yes
10409 Edwards, Jerry  Kentucky  Yes
8861 Foster, William  North Central Florida  Yes
11890 Glock, Larry  North Central Florida  Yes
10111 Ide, Scott  Charlotte  Yes
12341 Jones, Glenn  Louisiana  Yes
11596 Klenck, Mark  Orlando  Yes
11567 Levy, David  Louisiana  Yes
9944 Maitland, Larry  Southeast VA  Yes
11848 Manuel, Don  Tour Championship  Yes
11858 McCoy, Greg  Charlotte  Yes
8792 Moses, Greg  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes
7889 O'Quin, Jerry  Louisiana  Yes
7916 Robinson, Robbie  Tampa-Sarasota  Yes
11031 Smith, Chuck  Central Carolina  Yes
11714 Soulliere, Todd  Michigan  Yes
8928 Toloso, Mark  Louisiana  Yes
12433 VanGeersdaelen, Phil  Charlotte  Yes
12066 Vece, David  North Central Florida  Yes
12302 Wheaton, Ben  Central Carolina  Yes
12568 Whitener, Danny  Jacksonville FL  Yes
12228 Williams, Johnny  Louisiana  Yes
12211 Anderson, Miles   North Central Florida  Yes
7443 Bleau, Neil  Central Carolina  Yes
10028 Cahanin, Lee  Louisiana  Yes
9165 Clark, Dennis  Louisiana  Yes
7708 Coleman, Carlton  Augusta  Yes
11776 Demmel, Phil  Louisiana  Yes
7657 Drewry, Jerry  Nashville  Yes
12217 Duet, Rick  Louisiana  Yes
12378 Gaston , Randall   Charlotte  Yes
9205 Graham, John  Louisiana  Yes
11489 Grenell, Tom  Southeast VA  Yes
10384 Griffin, Freddie  Louisiana  Yes
7380 Hagwood, Darrell  Central Carolina  Yes
12249 Hennessy, Donald  North Central Florida  Yes
12404 Johnson, Darrell  Chicago  Yes
12252 Khan, Amin  North Central Florida  Yes
9917 Knarr, Bill  North Central Florida  Yes
10688 Kuehl, Dick  Central Carolina  Yes
7573 LaMorte, Ron  Charlotte  Yes
11072 Martin, Chip  Louisiana  Yes
10923 McPherson, James  Central Carolina  Yes
11134 Parker, Darold  Louisiana  Yes
12016 Pringle, Richard  Michigan  Yes
10903 Risbourg, Bobby  Louisiana  Yes
12208 Saliba, Frank  Chicago  Yes
11539 Savoie, Butch  Louisiana  Yes
12192 Schoening, Jimmy  North Central Florida  Yes
12121 Snider, Chuck  Charlotte  Yes
10286 Warren, Patrick  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes
12349 White, Doug  Louisiana  Yes
8008 Wittersheim, Jim  Charlotte  Yes
12356 Bennett, Michael  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes
9978 Boone, Bucky  Louisiana  Yes
11689 Craighead, Jim  Nashville  Yes
12318 Custer, Jeff  Southeast VA  Yes
10077 Davis, David  Central Carolina  Yes
7567 Dolan, Pat  Charlotte  Yes
12330 Dunn, Steve  Columbus, OH  Yes
12237 Fitzpatrick , Rod  North Central Florida  Yes
12373 Harris, Joe  Orlando  Yes
12428 Hawkins, Glen  Indiana-Western KY  Yes
12047 Henley, Curtis  Southeast VA  Yes
12246 Holly, Rick  Columbus, OH  Yes
11546 Hoover, Ronald  North Central Florida  Yes
11438 Inglot, Chris  Chicago  Yes
11609 Mines, Charles  Charlotte  Yes
7452 Robinson, Phil  Augusta  Yes
11460 Schmitt, Mike  Chicago  Yes
10168 Shockley, Tom  Louisiana  Yes
11898 Smith, Smitty  Southeast VA  Yes
11863 Young, Marty  Central Carolina  Yes
12293 Zuehlke, John  North Central Florida  Yes



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